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Welcome to the Bug "O" Pedia©! A Gardens Pest Control presentation. The Bug "O" Pedia is constantly changing and is here to help you better educate yourself about the insects and pests we live with each day. Can't identify that brown furry creature that just flew by your head? The Bug "O" Pedia© has the answers. Take a few minutes to look through this section and remember to check back often as we will be adding new features and more information Regularly. 




  • Have an "ant" problem but not sure what kind of ants they are?("Aunt" Agnes doesn't count).

  • How can something so small cause so much trouble.

  • EEEK A MOUSE!! Not all mice are permanent. 

  • Itchy Scratchy... these little pests are miniature vampires... 

  • Ticks can be nasty little critters learn more about the carries of some serious disease. 

  • Beetles come in all shapes and sizes. 

  • For every one cockroach you see there can be up to 200 more behind your wall..

  • The itsy, bitsy spider...not sure about the kind of spiders your seeing in your home? 

  • Millipedes, centipedes and other things with lots of legs. 

  • Scorpions are mostly found in the south, learn more about these crazy creatures.

  • Book Lice you say? This little pest is more common than you think. 

  • Bzzzzzzz...ever wonder what the difference between a honey bee and a regular bee is? 

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