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Gardens Pest has compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions regarding pest control in your home or business. If you can't find the answer on our FAQ page, then ask an expert.



  • No Tent Termite Treatment Specialist (more info here)

  • Termidor – Subteranean Termite Treatment

  • Annual Pest Control Services

  • Annual Fire Ant Control & Prevention

  • Annual Flea Control – Indoor / Outdoor

  • Annual Tick Control – Indoor / Outdoor

  • Rodent Control – Indoor / Outdoor

  • Formosean Termite Control

  • Asian Termite Control

  • Wood Boring Insect Control

  • Termite Inspections for refinancing or real estate transactions

  • Regular Termite Inspections

I have flying insects throughout my house that look like ants but I was told they are termites. How can I know the difference? CLICK HERE

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