Gardens Pest Control found over the years that treatments which work best for us against Drywood termites with our no-tent have been a Termidor-Borate Combo drywood termite treatment . Combining preventative capabilities of borates – Timbor Professional with extermination and effect of Termidor foam injections.

You don’t have to find all drywood termites to get rid of them! Again, there are tons of preventative treatments without a need to find them all. Also, getting rid of all drywood termites is ONE OF THE METHODS of controlling them. If the termiticide  applied only on the surface of wood, and even only a small portion of termites come and digest it, they will later on feed it to each other. So, you can get rid of them that way. Also, even if you do not get rid of some or even none of drywood termites but apply preventative natural material on most of the wood in the house where infestations happened initially, then that will work to prevent future re-infestations. This preventative control, in most cases, is superior compared to the “killing them all” method.

Even if there might be drywood termites inside wood members which borate spray does not reach, however it does not allow infestation to continue. It also prevents from future damage and infestation. In addition, many termites after eating borates on the surface of wood also get eliminated. This Borates stays virtually forever and is also against other types of wood destroying organisms, including but not limited to subterranean termites, fungus, powder-post beetles, carpenter bees and ants. The fumigation on the other hand is only against by far the least dangerous wood destroying organisms – drywood termites. Borate misting also sanitizes the wood and kills the spores of some dangerous microbes.

** While fumigation is a very good tool in many cases, especially when there are extensive infestations.The decision is up to the home owner.

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