Questions About Termite Control:

I have flying insects throughout my house that look like ants but I was told they are termites. How can I know the difference?
Differences are visible in the body structure and wings. Check out the Bug-O-Pedia for more information.


I have drywood termites and was told I have to have my home tented. Is there another effective treatment available that will exclude having to tent my home?

YES! There are several alternative treatments that do not require you to tent your home. Gardens Pest Control has been doing non-tent treatment for over two decades. 


I purchased a home and was told I did not have termites. One year later I had a swarm but saw no damage. If the original inspection showed no signs and I see no signs, how can I actually know if I have a problem?

Technology is ever changing and we now have the ability to detect termites in other ways than visual. Please read ourTerm_A_Trac page to learn more.


What is the best method for subterranean termite control?
There is so much information about baiting vs. ground treatment I'm confused.


Your right! There is a lot of confusing information out there. First of all you should never rely on advertisements alone. Try to find resources that show where actual trials have been done by unbiased sources. Experience and knowledge lead us to believe:

  • Baiting can take up to A YEAR longer to work and that's IF the termites come to the stations to feed.

Vast research and our experience have proven Termidor™ that is very effective, for more information check Termidor™  Here
I have an insect problem but I'm not sure what kind or how to treat them.

If you are curious you can visit our Bug-O-Pedia to learn more about the different insects, local residents can call Gardens Pest Control for an inspection and estimate for treatment. Click here to contact us .

I have a problem with "white footed ants". Why are these ants so hard to get rid of?

The White footed ant is extremely difficult to control because it's method of food dissemination is different from those of other ants. Controlling these pests requires knowledge of the biology and different prevention techniques used to control them. Please refer to the Services section of our web site for more information.

How do I know the chemicals my current pest control technician is using are safe?

Always ask questions. Let the company you hire know of any allergies or sensitive medical issues which my be effected by the use of certain chemicals. Ask your technician for a copy of the "Material Safety Data Sheet label and be sure the company you hire is licensed and bonded.

What is the difference between "Yearly" and "Monthly" pest control services?

Yearly or Annual service is the most thorough treatments available for homeowners. Refer to our Services page for more info. Monthly service is treatment around the basic interior and exterior base area.


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